IMG_1166 This time last year, we took our one year old munchkin up on the white knuckle ride that is the big Christmas wheel. We thought we’d scare the hell out of him again this year, so we wrapped up and had a cold, windy jolly looking over our beautiful city. Noah is starting to get the hang of this whole christmas thing and shouts “ho-ho-ho” whenever he catches even a glimpse of tinsel.

Here are some smoochy now and then pics. He appears to be equally unimpressed with my kisses in both. More importantly, how long is his magic 6-9 month jacket going to last?

DSC_0886IMG_1160IMG_1169IMG_1156We stuffed our faces with hot doughnuts and petted our little friend Peter, the plastic polar bear.


Our lovely trying-to-get-in-a-christmassy-mood afternoon was topped off with sneaking into Jenners for a look at their huge, pretty tree.


Wedding wall

I’m hoping to get some wedding pics printed soon. It’s been lovely re-living the day looking through them all, seeing what BS was up to while I was getting ready (answer – downing a pint!). When I was at my parent’s cottage earlier in the year I loved their “wedding wall”. They have wedding photos of my great-grandparents, both grandparents and their own hipster wedding.

Look at these lovelies…

Look at those big, beautiful bouquets and bow ties! It’s interesting to see how wedding photography has changed through the decades and as I have a rather large soft spot for old photos, I love having all the history on one wall. Here are a couple of my faves fro our wedding I hope make it onto the wall…

Look at these genius ideas for displaying your wedding piccies.

Our photos were by Kitchener Photography. These guys are very sweet and very talented. Exactly the kind of people you want to record your wedding day.


I was recently very privileged (and squealing just a little bit…) to have some of my art work used in a new line of Spanish ceramics. Limoceramics is a line of simple, beautifully designed ceramic ware, made in Spain by local artisans. They decided to do a limited number of custom pieces showing designs by a number of artists and illustrators and I was lucky enough to have a design used.

Check out some of their pieces…

My original design was one of three that is on the wall in our living room, seen here in a post from last year. I especially love the use of leather and other materials on some of their pieces. I’ll have to get my hands on a few things to pretty up my kitchen. If you would like to pretty up your house with any of the lovely limoceramics goodies (go on!), you will soon be able to buy them online from their website.

I have been spurred on a wee bit and what with the days getting shorter and the months of long evenings ahead, i’d like to dig out my creative hat and see if it still fits. Apart from all the wedding decorations, it feels like ages since I have made anything new and i’d like to get back into the swing of things. I’ll be thinking up some new projects and will hopefully share them on here.

Talking of new creativity, Munchkin and I broke out the paints the other day and had a go. All went well until he tried drinking the paint water. He’ll get the hang of it.

Loved up shopping in Amsterdam

Gone are my days of toasting on a hot beach, melting into a book. It’s not that i’d pass up the chance, but with two peely wally men in my life, i’ve starting to embrace other kinds of holidays. Our honeymoon was no exception. We spent five amazing days wandering around the scented streets of Amsterdam. What a stylish city!

I’m rather nosey by nature and loved walking back to our apartment in the evening stealing glances into those enormous canalside houses. What great taste these Amsterdamers have. Everything was clean lines, quirky antiques, beautiful artwork. Extreme house envy ensued.

What also impressed me were the shops. Amongst all the crappy souvenir and sex shops were plenty of lovely wee shops selling handmade, locally crafted, retro and kitsch goodies. Windows piled with mountains of blue and white china, hand knitted chunky throws, upcycled furniture, I was in love…

Nap time painting

A few weeks ago I bit the bullet and painted our bedroom during one of Noah’s naps. There’s nothing like the prospect of a toddler waking to make you speed-paint! We went for a bright blue, as mentioned in my previous post. We are still to figure out a wardrobe solution, but are loving our new spangly room.

It’s also the perfect colour to show off a wedding gift from BS’s mom, a painting of Anstruther (the town where we married).

We set it all off with new super soft white bed sheets. All in all, i’m finding it hard to leave my lovely bedroom. Noah helps with this problem by practicing his new screaming technique at 5am every morning! Thanks Munchkin x



We did!

After what feels like an incredibly long blogging snooze (filled with painting, streamering, marrying, friends, celebrating, resting, packing, unpacking, packing again….) I am back. Exhausted, but back.

We had a wonderful day with our wonderful friends and family, here are a few pics.

More blogging to follow soon. Plus a bedroom make over update! x

Strawberry fields for Noah

With July turning out to be a total wash out, it was amazng to spend a rare sunny afternoon doing something i’ve been hankering after for ages – fruit picking! With Munchkin havng his fix of “da beeeeeeeach” in the morning, BS surprised us with a trip to Craigies Farm. I hadn’t been strawberry picking since I was wee and it was a first for my boys too. I promise we DID NOT EAT ANY…

What to do with the fruits of our labour? Well, apart from just cramming them in our mouths at every opportunity, I may well try out some of these tasty recipes.

1. Strawberry Cobbler. Yes. PLease.2. Strawberry Lemonade. Say what??
3. Strawberry bread. Anything with the word bread in it is is usually a winner.


Hello again

Oh blog, I have missed you. We’ve had lots of hassle with our internet provider, but are finally up and running again, sigh. So, to catch up, here a few things we have seen, baked, eaten and coloured-in over the last few weeks.

Note the not-so-equal distribution of hundreds and thousands.

Not like this munchkin cares….

We put the finishing touches to our invites!

And had a photo shoot with our fantabulous wedding photographers, Dylan and Joanna ooot and about in Stockbridge.

Busy hands

In a week full of strops and screams, I’ve discovered that the busier this wee man is, the happier and therefore more chilled out he becomes. The only challenge is to think of enough activites to keep him amused. One recent thing that’s proving quite tricky is Noah’s fear of flies. This includes real and imagnary flies and any black mark or speck on a surface he can see. The poor guy loses it and clings onto you for dear life. It’s going to be a looooong summer with my windows open. We know it’ll pass, but until then distraction is key.

A nice distraction recently has been Noah’s aromatherapy playdough. We’ve made duckies and hearts and he enjoys tearing it up Munchkin style.

Run for Gladys!

A few years ago when I started jogging for the first time I found it hard to push myself to go faster and run for longer. If right now you’re envisioning me breezing swiftly along on a lycra-clad, 5k morning run, please stop. In reality, I was (and still am) a soft-around-the-edges, asthmatic who has never jogged for more than 20 mins straight in my life. I used to daydream quite a lot while I ran and I once let it slip to a friend that to push myself harder I imagined¬† that I was in a race and that my child was there watching, encouraging me to go on. Hil-bloody-arious. Never lived it down. A few weeks later my friend dreamt I had a little girl who I named Gladys (!) and ever since then i’ve been “RUNNING FOR GLADYS!”

I thought of this today when Munchkin and I went along to Holyrood Palace and stumbled upon the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Yes, i’m so on the pulse of what’s going on in this city. I had planned a quiet picnic and instead was met with lots of sweat, panting and Lucozade. I’d never been to a race before and I had quite a strange and embarrassing reaction. I started crying… I think what did it was the crowd clapping and cheering support to the runners passing by, it just got me. Luckily, it’s quite easy to hide a soggy face when you’re clutching a toddler, so we wandered through the crowds and then had a good walk around Arthur’s Seat.

Check out the view as I “walked for Noah!”…

(top pic by this clever fellow)