Carb Angel

What is a girl to do when her baby would rather eat his food from the floor than have his mummy feed it to him? Imagine if my boyfriend did that? Hey Jen, thanks for this nutritious, home made, tasty meal, but “f*%$* you mamma, I aint gonna eat off this plate”. Nope, he is going to scream until his face resembles a speckly beetroot and has either smashed or thrown it all on the floor…then it looks ready. However, if I gave in and presented him with a crusty baguette or scraps of toast for every meal, he’d be putty in my hands, but I can’t give in that easily, can I?

It is mighty frustrating. I have looked on forums and google searched the hell out this dilemma. Good old Gina Ford doesn’t seem to be able to help. I know it is his way of demanding independance and I guess I should be proud, but oh, I miss the days when my little cherub would open wide and happily down all of the treats I laid out before him.

I think I just need to persist. At least by eating it off the floor he is a) still filling his tum tum, and b) saving me a job.


Those were the days!


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