Sunshine in the city

Sometimes you can forget what is on your doorstep, but when he sun comes out (yes, summer is late again in Edinburgh) it makes you want to explore. Last week we took a walk up Calton Hill, thinking it would be nice for Noah to visit somewhere knew. Although BS and I had been up there many times separately, I think this was the first time together.

As well as trying to fly over the National Monument, Noah walked around quite a bit holding our hands. He even managed a wee jaunt uphill. There is no stopping this munchkin!

It made me want to explore more, rather than getting stuck seeing the same old things. I also find it exciting introducing Noah to all these new places that he will hopefully visit again and again as he gets older.


Let them eat CAKE

I’m having inner turmoil over Noah’s first birthday cake. What flavour should I make? If I had my usual healthy eating cap on like I normally do at his mealtimes, I would be cruel and make him a healthy fruit/vegetable-based, sugar free cake. BLURGH, who wants that? It’s verging on child cruelty. If he can’t have a treat on his birthday, when can he? So, what cake to make….

I fell in love with this rainbow cake. However, I think it’s just a bit too much pressure to put myself under and I can only imagine the state of the kitchen after making six different layers…

Then, I thought………carrot cake! Everybody loves this veggie cake (box ticked!). However, it’s not very birthday-ish.

Well, you can’t get any more first-birthday-ish than a great big numero uno┬ácake can you?

Knit your heart out

A couple of winters ago, I got hooked on knitting. When I was little my nan used to knit us our school jumpers and she taught me back then, but after a gap of over 20 years, I had kind of lost the knack… It all started in cold Toronto when we spent evenings in our basement flat with not a lot to do (note, it was around this time that I got pregnant, see what happens when you move to a new country where you don’t know anyone!) We found a lovely knitting shop on Queen West and I purchased some chunky wool, some even chunkier needles and set to work on a scarf for my beloved.

Now, I know there are lots of interesting things you can knit, but as a newby a scarf is easy as it is basically just a straight line. You can’t see it fully here, but it was teal, chocolate and burnt orange and he loved it!

My mother is a good knitter and has made Noah all sorts of cute things. I don’t think there is anything cuter than a podgy baby all wrapped up in knits. My friend in Norway sends me packs of hand-me-downs every few months or so and I have been waiting for Noah to grow so he can fit some knitted trousers pretty similar to these bad boys.

Bring on the winter so we can get all cosy in our knits!

Noah no naps

I’m not sure what’s gotten into the munchkin, but he’s a bit all over the place with his napping. He’ll scream and scream when we put him down now, while he used to go to sleep quite easily. It’s quite frustrating! We can see that he’s tired, but he obviously feels like he’s missing out on a whole lot of fun being stuck in his cot!

At the moment, his favourite book is Avocado Baby, by John Burningham. It is a sweet story about a weak baby who won’t eat anything, but then his mother feeds him an avocado and he gets stronger and stronger! My sister gave it to Noah for Christmas last year. He likes to give the baby on the cover a kiss and sits still for almost the entire story. I can practically recite the whole book from heart and I love it. This is part of his bedtime routine, after he has had his milk and before we turn off the light.

I have just noticed that the resemblance between the two babies is quite uncanny. He does like chomping on avocado!

Clutter brain

We’re having a bit of a DIY day today, getting rid of icky mould and giving the place a bit of a cleaning blast. Our flat is tiny so things get mucky and untidy very quickly, especially now that Noah has decided that his favourite thing to do is throw things – nappies, bottles, food, toys, dirt, the contents of my wallet, etc. What our flat really needs is some savvy storage to hide all the bits and bobs that are always lying around the place.

I would love under floor storage like this place in NY.

I could really do with something like this, as all our shoes just end up in a big stinking pile at the bottom of our wardrobe. When things get cluttered, my brain gets cluttered! How lovely is the bright entrace hall below, with the old cabinet to store all their shoes.

This would be fun to build!

Farm life

Last week we went to stay on a farm for a few days in Ayrshire, on the west coast of Scotland. We timed the trip brilliantly with the arrival of hurricane Irene (or what was left of her) arriving in Ireland and the west of Scotland. We were in two minds whether to go and almost cancelled, but i’m glad we didn’t!

Farm life is fun. Granted, I never actually got mucky, or down with the pigs, but it was so lovely having all of it right on our doorstep. We woke to the sound of cows moo-ing and pigs oinking and we felt like Ma and Pa Larkin.

We also met a pig called Stilton, who was not very pretty. Sorry Stilton.

Our cottage was beautiful and we were loving all the space. Noah had his own playroom and BS and I had our own lounge with log fire and huge book case to keep us amused.

The weather was pretty awful for the first couple of days, but we wrapped up our munchkin and took him to Culzean Castle, a short drive from the farm. It was such a grand place. I would have liked to have taken it all in without the wind and rain lashing against my face, but even in those conditions the grounds looked amazing. It is right on the coast and we could see the rough sea below through the windows of the castle. I’d like to go back on a summers day maybe next year. My sister has been mussel catching there with her friend used to live in the castle grounds.

It ws good to get away and see somewhere new. I always feel like I should be seeing more of Scotland, so at least now I can tick Ayrshire off the list! We will definitely go back.