Feeling Crafty

Every now and again i’ll get the urge to do something crafty. I also like having people to make things for, which is why Noah is a perfect candidate, for the following reasons:

1. He can’t talk yet and therefore he cannot tell me that what I have made is a pile of crap.

2. The more ‘rustic’ and simplistic, the better for babies.

3. One day, hopefully he will look back and think “Wow, my mum actually made this for me. How can I ever upset her by getting drunk/high/a tattoo, when she loves me soooooo much!”

Anyway, I had an idea a couple of weeks ago to do something with pattern and text for his nursery wall. In Leith there are a couple of good fabric stores where I managed to pick up some colourful felt, hessian and patterned fat quarters. I even managed to pick up a large frame second hand for £2.50. That night, I got to work.

And then….smash. I managed to beak the glass from the frame as I was just finishing. What a way to come down from a crafty high. So, it sat almost finished on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks until yesterday I had a sneaky trip to Ikea and I purchased a new frame. What is it about Ikea frames? I could stay in that section for an hour picking them out. Today, just before putting Noah down for his middy nap I put it up on his wall. I hope he likes it.

He is my sunshine!


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