Fancy a cuppa?

Apparently my sister started drinking tea from an early age. It took me until my early twenties to catch on and even though I now understand how tea can actually be thirst-quenching, I can never ever finish a whole cup (much to the annoyance of BS). I do however, like the whole ritual and Britishness of drinking tea and of course how decorative and quirky tea ‘accessories’ can be. Check out this retro-style cup.

A friend of mine spent 12 months leading up to her 29th birthday this summer hosting 29 tea parties. It was quite a challenge, but she got there in the end. Her first was last August and it was my tea party baby shower! When she finally finished, I got her a gift for her birthday which was similar to the rings above, but as a necklace.

A few years ago someone brought me back some tea from Singapore, which made the prettiest cuppa I have ever seen. Jasmine flowers similar to these beauties above, burst open when added to hot water, so you have a delicately fragrant cup of tea with tiny wee flowers floating within. It has been a while since I have had anything similar, now days i’m your bog standard Tetleys and milk kinda gal.


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