Let them eat CAKE

I’m having inner turmoil over Noah’s first birthday cake. What flavour should I make? If I had my usual healthy eating cap on like I normally do at his mealtimes, I would be cruel and make him a healthy fruit/vegetable-based, sugar free cake. BLURGH, who wants that? It’s verging on child cruelty. If he can’t have a treat on his birthday, when can he? So, what cake to make….

I fell in love with this rainbow cake. However, I think it’s just a bit too much pressure to put myself under and I can only imagine the state of the kitchen after making six different layers…

Then, I thought………carrot cake! Everybody loves this veggie cake (box ticked!). However, it’s not very birthday-ish.

Well, you can’t get any more first-birthday-ish than a great big numero uno cake can you?


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