Fancy a cuppa?

Apparently my sister started drinking tea from an early age. It took me until my early twenties to catch on and even though I now understand how tea can actually be thirst-quenching, I can never ever finish a whole cup (much to the annoyance of BS). I do however, like the whole ritual and Britishness of drinking tea and of course how decorative and quirky tea ‘accessories’ can be. Check out this retro-style cup.

A friend of mine spent 12 months leading up to her 29th birthday this summer hosting 29 tea parties. It was quite a challenge, but she got there in the end. Her first was last August and it was my tea party baby shower! When she finally finished, I got her a gift for her birthday which was similar to the rings above, but as a necklace.

A few years ago someone brought me back some tea from Singapore, which made the prettiest cuppa I have ever seen. Jasmine flowers similar to these beauties above, burst open when added to hot water, so you have a delicately fragrant cup of tea with tiny wee flowers floating within. It has been a while since I have had anything similar, now days i’m your bog standard Tetleys and milk kinda gal.


It’s a wrap

Who doesn’t love a good browsing session on Etsy? I came across these lush dresses. Very simple and elegant and such gorgeous colours. They’re all wrap around and each dress can be worn in various different styles.The red is my favourite, it looks ultra vibrant teamed with the turquoise jewellery. Of course, it helps that the models are drop-dead gorgeous too!

4 years of bearded kisses

This day, 4 years ago, I went on a lovely date with a handsome young man from Leith. He made me laugh, plyed me with gin and tonics, rum and cokes and lots of banter and I haven’t wanted to be away from him since. He is an amazing boyfriend and the best daddy my little boy could have. I’m looking forward to a lovely evening with this gentleman to celebrate 4 happy years glued at the hip. xxx

Feeling Crafty

Every now and again i’ll get the urge to do something crafty. I also like having people to make things for, which is why Noah is a perfect candidate, for the following reasons:

1. He can’t talk yet and therefore he cannot tell me that what I have made is a pile of crap.

2. The more ‘rustic’ and simplistic, the better for babies.

3. One day, hopefully he will look back and think “Wow, my mum actually made this for me. How can I ever upset her by getting drunk/high/a tattoo, when she loves me soooooo much!”

Anyway, I had an idea a couple of weeks ago to do something with pattern and text for his nursery wall. In Leith there are a couple of good fabric stores where I managed to pick up some colourful felt, hessian and patterned fat quarters. I even managed to pick up a large frame second hand for £2.50. That night, I got to work.

And then….smash. I managed to beak the glass from the frame as I was just finishing. What a way to come down from a crafty high. So, it sat almost finished on the kitchen table for a couple of weeks until yesterday I had a sneaky trip to Ikea and I purchased a new frame. What is it about Ikea frames? I could stay in that section for an hour picking them out. Today, just before putting Noah down for his middy nap I put it up on his wall. I hope he likes it.

He is my sunshine!

Sling Love

Today I carried around my poorly wee munchkin in the sling for a couple of hours. I have to admit, it is one of my favourite things to do, as I enjoy being close to him. He’s not one for long cuddles, so seeing his soft blonde head bobbing just under my eyeline is a delight. Lots of drooling and sneezing today. His previously peachy cheeks are now red, raw and bumpy. Poor wee lamb. So, with all this going on, I thought it was a day for mummy cuddles and he didn’t put up much of a fight for once!

When Noah was first born I used a simple fabric loop sling. As he didn’t weigh much then, I didn’t really have to worry much about my back, so the loop over the one shoulder was fine. However, I didn’t really feel like it gave his body much support and I was constantly thinking he would somehow wriggle his way out of it.

So… we then tried out a Baby Bjorn sling. It was love at first carry! Noah loved it, especially when he could face outwards and watch the world go by. We used this bad boy for months, throughout a cold, cold winter with Noah wrapped up tight. It is quite sleek so can fit under bulky winter coats and you don’t feel armoured up.

However, the boy grew and grew and soon I realised that the Baby Bjorn just wasn’t going to cut it. I needed something a bit more heavy duty to take all 23lbs of munchkin. I did a lot of research and the same name kept appearing…Ergo. They’re a bit pricey, so Ebay definitely came in handy. We ended up getting the lightweight sport carrier. Noah can’t face out, but he can go on our backs (we have yet to try!). It is super comfy, as there is a waist band as well as shoulder straps, so the weight is equally distributed. So far, so good. It is apparently suitable for up to 40lbs, so we shall see!