Museum chic

This afternoon I decided to take Noah to the newly renovated National Museum of Scotland. I have always loved this place and even though the beloved fish ponds are now gone, the new look and overall atmosphere of the place still got me hooked. I love all the detail and organised clutter of a museum, with all the treasures on display. Although I can appreciate modern, sleek displays, my preference is still for dusty old corners and masses of objects all bundled into huge antique cabinets. It made me think about how this could be achieved at home, in a smaller environment.

This is the amazing Animal World gallery at NMS. And here, is your own mini version for your mini person.

One of my favourite museums is Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford. It really is an aladdins cave, filled to the brim with all things weird and wonderful.

I like the idea of displaying things in a similar way at home.

I find all this clutter quite cozy and how nice to be surrounded by the things you love.


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