Dream kitchen

I’m afraid today has turned into one of those days when you end up doing all the rubbish things you’ve been putting off for ages. Yup, I mean cleaning. I’m generally a tidy person, meaning I move things around a lot and make piles, but somehow never get round to cleaning properly. Today I realised how disgusting our tiny kitchen actually was and once I started cleaning I couldn’t stop.

It got me thinking about what my dream kitchen would be like, one that I would love so much that it would never be neglected. Here’s what I came up with…

1. A happy mix of colour.

2. I like the idea of shelves rather than cupboards, so all the goodies are on display!

3. Some clever storage.

4. And to make cooking a prettier affair, imagine having these bits and bobs dotted around the kitchen.

For now, i’ll have to make do, but a girl can dream!


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