Knock knock

I love the architecture of Edinburgh, but sometimes I have to admit that it does all look a bit dull. In a city full of tenement buildings, I see front doors as an apportunity to add colour and character to these otherwise monotonous streets. Nothing says “Welcome, do come in!” more than a nice, bright front door. Yesterday I took Munchkin to the New Town in Edinburgh to see if the residents there were being creative with colour. Amongst all the greys and whites, we found a few lovelies. I espeially love the electric blue door.

I’m afraid to say our own front door is rather bland, although we do share it with six other flats, so I won’t start fighting over the colour scheme any time soon… At least the lady upstairs has added some colour by planting lovely hydrangeas!

Check out some of these colourful entrance ways…


One thought on “Knock knock

  1. I’d have a yellow one with a massive black letterbox and knocker. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. You have a great little space too and I will be visiting again. Thanks for finding me!

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