Forest Chic

To escape the rain that poured down all day long yesterday, we took our soggy baby along to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh to check out the Forgotten Forests project that my friend Elinor had been curating. If you didn’t already know, this year is the International Year of Forests and as well as lots of activities, the Botanics have converted an indoor space into a kids play/event area under this very theme.

Although my heart does belong to bright, clashing colours, I can also appreciate the harmony of more earthy, neutral tones. What I liked most about the design of the exhibition was the many different textures used to represent the forest. And, because I couldn’t help myself, I started to think about how this could be used in living spaces, to bring the world of nature inside…

This woodland wallpaper reminded me of the forest inspired room that BS and I slept in in Valencia a few years ago.

Here are some other ways to bring the outside in…

And lastly, I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful tree necklace.


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