Book bugs

Noah loves books. He loves to chew, rip, throw, sit on, hide and kiss them, actually, just about anything apart from sit and look at them. This is why most of the time, the tiny flat which we inhabit looks like a bombed library. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining. I understand that one day all the chewing and ripping will turn into quiet observation, so until then I am happy for him to be surrounded by his books. It’s just what to do with them once he has finished his demolition. He has a bookshelf in his bedroom, but recently it seems to have been taken over with stuffed toys and cleverly placed, out-of-munchkin’s-reach parenting books. I’d love to have some book storage especially for him, so that he can reach and admire his beautiful, colourful books – and if i’m lucky, put them back there at the end of the day (hmmm).

Here are some lovely examples of the kind of thing i’m after.

Quick observation – If this kid was Noah, he’d be in the middle of some Spiderman-esque manoeuvre, foot on each yellow chair, reaching for the top shelf…

And lastly, how lucky are the boys and girls in Beijing to have this as their public library?!


3 thoughts on “Book bugs

  1. I love all these book storage ideas! When I nannied, all the children’s nurseries seemed to have just regular adult bookshelves, except shorter, and painted some awful color like pink or blue. And since children’s picture books are substantially larger than adult’s books, all of the shelves were much too short and they’d end up stacked sideways rather than up and down and would cascade out at every opportunity. ‘Children’s bookshelf,’ my foot. I always thought children’s book storage could go for a massive re-design, and then look at this! It has, right under my nose! These are brilliant ideas.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts ladies, i’d love to have any of these in our flat, especially the last idea – a good excuse to se some nice bright fabric. Now all I need is to put on my DIY thinking cap on…

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