Enamored with enamelware

So, lately i’ve been back in the kitchen a lot more cooking up winter stews and lentil soups. I’d been hankering after a new casserole dish to help me along the way, when I found this beauty in a second hand shop. A good scrub and a a pound of butcher meat later, we enjoyed a yummy stew which bubbled nicely in it’s lovely enamel pot.

I have got a bit of a thing at the moment for enamel kitchenware. It all started when I found my beloved bread pot in a thrift store in North Berwick. It fits about 3 whole loaves and is a bright ketchup red that adds a vintage pop to my kitchen. Love it!

I’m on the look out for more enamelware and hopefully i’ll be lucky enough to find stuff as lovely as these:

Love this happy yellow enamelware casserole dish for sale on Etsy.

Lastly, i’m more than a little bit envious of this lady’s colourful collection!


Couch dreamin’

We don’t need a new couch, nor do we have the space or spondoola for one, but i’ve been dreaming of adding a new member to the family, in the form of a big vintage, squishy velvet couch, mmmm. Maybe it’s because today all I really wanted to do was to lie one one for 12 hours straight with a box of chocolates and a pile of magazines, with my own little munchkin butler bringing me cups of tea…  Anyway, back to my dream couch. One day it’ll join our fam, but until then, I will brood daily over the following…

And finally, loving this hot pink lady on her hot pink couch. I bet she has a munchkin butler…

Brights and Stripes

Although i’m not one for dressing myself in loud crazy colours, I love seeing the munchkin in them. If you can’t get away with it when you’re toddling and adorable, when can you? Which is why I see it as my DUTY as a mother to avoid the bland and boring and to embrace colour and fun (at least until he can communicate otherwise…).

I recently discovered a lovely company called Brights & Stripes. Check out these, even i’d be tempted with the rainbow tee!

Brights and Stripes are also stocked in TK Maxx, which is why Noah will be lucky enough to be having multi-coloured dreams in one of their sleeping bags this winter!

Colourful findings in Stockbridge

With a couple of hours free yesterday, I hopped on a bus to Stockbridge, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. Being able to wander around by myself is a rarity nowdays and I loved every minute of it, looking in all the gift shops and rifling through the charity shops in search of treasure!

One of my favourites shops in Stockbridge is Caoba, a lovely place full of Mexican handicrafts, cards, decorations and even food. Look, see…

Loving the mix of things, especially the wrestling masks! Their ceramics are bold and fun and I love all their minature tiles. It made me think about Mexican inspired interiors and the fun that could be had with all the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to drool over the following….

Chair, as seen here.

You can add this vintage bedspread to your Christmas wish list here!

Molly Hatch

I recently came across these illustrations by American artist Molly Hatch. I love her elegant and playfully wonky designs, using ceramics and even furniture as motifs. I think they would look amazing framed in a series, or even as curtain fabric.

Check out her ceramics and glassware too, i’d love to chuck out our Ikea mugs and cups and replace them with these beauties!

And my evening was spent….

So, I made a mess and was helped along the way by red wine and peanut m&m’s, but I managed to make a few cards out of my crafty leftovers. Earlier in the day I took the munchkin on an “adventure” to Poundland. Who knew they had treats other than toblerone and bin liners? We left laden with christmassy bits and bobs and some crafty determination…

They’re not the most professional of christmas cards, but isn’t the festive season all about making things with love and fun??? That’ll be my line anyway…

I went in search of craft card and came across these sturdy envelopes that did the job.

A few hours later and da-daaaa!

Let’s just say the stapler was my friend last night.

Card crafty

I’ve come over all crafty today, so will be digging out my sewing machine and pritt stick this evening in an attempt to make some Christmas cards with all the scraps of fabric I have lying about the place. I keep stumbling across lovely vintage card designs and it makes me wish I had collected some over the year ready to send out soon. Instead, everyone will have to make do with whatever mess happens later this evening.

But before I trash the flat and get glue and thread in the carpet, here are some whimsical winter designs to get me in the mood…

Maybe not Christmas card inspiration, but this cracked me up anyway…

Kind of reminded me of Noah’s “killer teddy bear” photo from last Christmas.