Full tums in York

After 13 months of a Noah-filled life we decided we might finally brave a night away from our chubby little maniac. We scarpered as fast as we could (this is actually a lie, it was a long and drawn out process which involved me “forgetting” the camera and having to go back and then 30 mins down the road bursting into tears…) all the way to the lovely city of York. We have fond memories of the last time we visited 4 years ago and wanted to go back to get lost in the little cobbled lanes and do some Christmas shopping.

We ended up doing what we do best and basically just ate our way around the city. Beautiful roast beef and horseradish sandwiches, afternoon tea at Betty’s and then an amazing meal at the Blue Bicycle restaurant. I swear to eat only salad for the remainder of the week…

Here were some of our favourite places.

Also, can you tell we were enamored with our hotel curtains?

We arrived back home with full tums to a well fed and well loved little boy who briefly looked up at us and smiled before returning to his busy little job, trashing the flat.


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