Couch dreamin’

We don’t need a new couch, nor do we have the space or spondoola for one, but i’ve been dreaming of adding a new member to the family, in the form of a big vintage, squishy velvet couch, mmmm. Maybe it’s because today all I really wanted to do was to lie one one for 12 hours straight with a box of chocolates and a pile of magazines, with my own little munchkin butler bringing me cups of tea…  Anyway, back to my dream couch. One day it’ll join our fam, but until then, I will brood daily over the following…

And finally, loving this hot pink lady on her hot pink couch. I bet she has a munchkin butler…


2 thoughts on “Couch dreamin’

  1. Ohhhh, these do look really great. I saw a similar one in Liberty of London, and thought it was terrific. Of course, you also need to huge room, and incredibly high ceilings to go with it!

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