A year of firsts

Ding dong, almost time for the bells and another year gone by. This last year has probably been one of the most interesting i’ve had and also one of the most settled, having actually stayed in the one place for a whole twelve months! Our wild plans for Hogmanay include big fat steaks, chips with vinegar (gasp!) and hopefully a big warm cuddle when the clock chimes midnight.

The best thing about the last year has been watching our little dude grow from this:

to this…

There have also been a lot of firsts….

1. First steps2. First birthday.3. First holiday in the sun.

4. First night away without Munchkin.5. First bump to the head.

6. First blog post.

7. First family day trips.Next year I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for way too long, seeing Noah soak up even more and growing bigger and bigger, hearing him say new words and discovering new places. I’m especially looking forward to tying the knot with my lovely bearded Scotsman! Hopefully 2012 will be full of even more firsts.

Happy New Year  xxx


Dream dining

It’s hard to have a romantic, relaxing dinner when your scalding plate is perched on your lap, you’re sitting on the tv remote and trying not to spill anything on the cushions. Nope, this does not make for a relaxing dining experience. We have a breakfast bar, but unless one of us is in the mood to get up close and personal with the kitchen bin, we generally don’t bother.

I’d love to have space to dedicate to my favourite thing – eating. When Noah is a bit bigger we can all sit together at meals. I’d like it to be colourful, fun and a bit of a mishmash. Here are some lovely places where i’d like to tuck into my din dins…

Liking the reclaimed table and chocolate covered child.

Ooh, and wouldn’t it be lovely to have a beautiful Ercol dining table like one of these.

Anyhow, there will be no scalded knees this Christmas, as we will be parking our bums around a proper dining table at my in-laws. I hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx

Still standing

Well, we went for it and got our crimbo tree last week. So far, munchkin is obsessed with pulling the baubles off and when questioned, just shrugs and gives a surprised “uuuh, well it just came off in my hand” kind of kind of noise. But at least it hasn’t toppled. Yet.

New treasures

This week i’ve been swooning over some new things we found for the flat. I’d been looking for a trunk for ages in which I could store all of munchkin’s toys and bits and bobs, but wasn’t having much luck. We went to go see an ottoman i’d found on Gumtree and were delighted to be warmly welcomed into a warehouse stacked full of pre-loved goodies. Oh, the restraint I had to muster not to dive right in. A certain whinging munchkin tugging on my leg was the only thing that stopped me from getting carried away. However, I was successful in persuading BS to jam these goodies into the car, tetris-style…

A tiled purple & white coffee table, now used by Noah as a standy-uppy “reading” table (i’m on the look out for a chair next…)

A wicker ottoman with a turquoise woven lid. It’s big enough to pack away a whole lot of junk, hallelujah! BS isn’t sure about the gold. I’m undecided, I can always paint it, meh.

Window dressing

Noah’s new favourite game is hide and seek and our poor curtains are getting a beating. Although it’s cute seeing his little feet poke out from underneath and his smiley face unveiled, they’re now hemless and looking a bit weary. We have blinds on all the other windows which are nice and simple, but yawn, yawn….. I’d like something a bit more fun.

Our living space is small, so I wouldn’t really be wanting anything to bright and imposing. A while back I discovered some lovely window films by UK designer Emma Jeffs online. Her decorative films go straight onto the window and create pretty patterns, giving you privacy and sunshine (in Scotland? ha!). I guess they’re a modern version of good old net curtains. They’re also great as there are no cords for little hands to grab and get tangled. Here are my faves from her collection.

If traditional is more your thing and you like to get cozy of an evening by closing your curtains on the world, Anthropologie have a very pretty collection. Here’s a peek.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, check out this clever lady’s upcycled curtain and beautiful patchwork.

Thinking cozy thoughts

There seems to be more than just a “nip in the air” in Edinburgh right now, as I found out yesterday when munchkin’s hands nearly froze solid (he pulls his mittens off with his teeth – that’s my boy!). We felt it the most as we went up on the big wheel overlooking Princes Street. Brrrrrrr.

I’m doing my best to have warm thoughts and although I’m eternally grateful to have central heating keeping the wee man snug, nothing can compare to the crackle and flicker of a real fire. Imagine snuggling up in front of these.

And while we’re getting all snug and warm, why not throw in a bit of sheepskin too?

And if all of the above fail, i’ll just have to knit myself one of these…