To tree or not to tree?

I’m having a tough time trying to decide what to do about a Christmas tree this year. As much as I think the festive season wouldn’t be the same without one, i’m not sure how munchkin will cope with having this huge shiny, prickly, sparkling TREE (!?!?!?!) in his livingroom and not being allowed to ransack it. That’d be like someone presenting me with carrot cake and then proceeding to sew up my cake hole…. too cruel!

If we don’t get a tree in the traditional sense, what alteratives are there? Well, check out these imaginative “trees”.

Love the lights, but they’d probably still get a beating…

Skirting board tree anyone?

Nope. As much as I love these quirky tree alternatives, there’s nothing i’d like more than a big fat kitsch christmas tree. Last year was easy, as he was a squidgy little baby that hadn’t yet discoverd the joy his chubby pincers could bring him. This year, he’s a rampant toddler on a mission. I guess a little someone might need to hear the story about the evil christmas goblin that jumps out if anyone goes within a 2 feet radius of my tree. Only joking…

Here are some colourful crimbo trees to get us in the festive mood. I think tonight i’m going to attempt to make some tree decorations (just to seal the deal). It is December now, after all!

Pink tree. Yes please! I see BS shaking his head.

Monkey decorations. Genius!


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