New treasures

This week i’ve been swooning over some new things we found for the flat. I’d been looking for a trunk for ages in which I could store all of munchkin’s toys and bits and bobs, but wasn’t having much luck. We went to go see an ottoman i’d found on Gumtree and were delighted to be warmly welcomed into a warehouse stacked full of pre-loved goodies. Oh, the restraint I had to muster not to dive right in. A certain whinging munchkin tugging on my leg was the only thing that stopped me from getting carried away. However, I was successful in persuading BS to jam these goodies into the car, tetris-style…

A tiled purple & white coffee table, now used by Noah as a standy-uppy “reading” table (i’m on the look out for a chair next…)

A wicker ottoman with a turquoise woven lid. It’s big enough to pack away a whole lot of junk, hallelujah! BS isn’t sure about the gold. I’m undecided, I can always paint it, meh.


2 thoughts on “New treasures

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