A year of firsts

Ding dong, almost time for the bells and another year gone by. This last year has probably been one of the most interesting i’ve had and also one of the most settled, having actually stayed in the one place for a whole twelve months! Our wild plans for Hogmanay include big fat steaks, chips with vinegar (gasp!) and hopefully a big warm cuddle when the clock chimes midnight.

The best thing about the last year has been watching our little dude grow from this:

to this…

There have also been a lot of firsts….

1. First steps2. First birthday.3. First holiday in the sun.

4. First night away without Munchkin.5. First bump to the head.

6. First blog post.

7. First family day trips.Next year I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for way too long, seeing Noah soak up even more and growing bigger and bigger, hearing him say new words and discovering new places. I’m especially looking forward to tying the knot with my lovely bearded Scotsman! Hopefully 2012 will be full of even more firsts.

Happy New Year  xxx


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