Love is a laundry line

I believe i’m easily pleased (cue vague grunt from BS). Easily pleased in that one of my goals is to have space to hang out my washing. I know that sounds B.O.R.I.N.G, but how nice to have the outside space and gentle fresh breeze drying your undies, rather than losing half our living room to a clothes horse, steamy windows and clothes smelling like last nights cooking. I would just like a patch of space and a washing line. That is actually quite a big wish for someone living in a city full of tenements. I could hang a line in our car park…. not quite the same.

When I was little we had a line in the garden and even my teddies got hung out to dry.

Although, Munchkin does seem to be on a roll with his chores at the moment and likes to help me hang out the washing. He must have been taking it all in, as he even gives everything a little shake before he hangs it. Oh, and pants on the head is a must.

I suppose I could compromise with a genius pulley maid.

Or maybe i’ll just move to the Med…

(Top picture by Fiona Phillips, bottom picture on Etsy)


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