Tile me pretty

Whilst looking for tiles for her new bathroom, my friend recently discovered a lovely company called Welbeck Tiles. They make beautiful patchwork tiles that allow you to build up your own floral designs as well as quirky vintage images and classic engravings. Here are some of our favourites.

We have classic white tiles in our kitchen, but i’d love to experiment with more colour and pattern and I especially like the idea of clashing, intricate patterns. Check out these fun arrangements…

And last but not least, how twee are these vintage farm animal tiles? The race is on to buy them here! Happy tiling everyone x


Tick tock

Noah is a little bit obsessed with clocks at the moment, he’ll point and say “tick tock, tick tock” whenever he sees one. At some point he’ll learn that it’s actually just called a clock (booooring), but in the mean time i’d like to keep the cuteness going and have been thining about finding him a clock for his room.

Here are some lovely tick tocks I have found.

The owl clock can be found here. The Primary colours clock is at Babygadget. Bamboo tick tock here. My personal favourite, the fox log clock. And finally, how much fun to buld the last one?