Spring happenings

I’ve been a bit blog lazy recently but have now given my self a big kick up the derriere and will start it off with a few Spring happenings.

BS and I had a weekend away to Durham. As usual, we ate, drank, slept and fannied about taking pictures… We discovered that Durham is pretty in parts, scummy in parts, full of sporty students and scantily clad orange ladies and has very yummy Thai food.

We visited my sister in Glasgow. Noah resided in a pretty cool pop up baby tent in the spare room. We had a lovely long walk through Queens Park and got to have a wobbly ride on my sister’s bike. I don’t think i’ve even sat on a bike for about 6 years. Ouch.

The Munchkin and I have been having some fruity Teddy bear picnics in the afternoons. Noah has discovered oranges. This means lots of sticky fingers and forcing fruit into Teddy’s mouth.

I have slowly been filling the house with bits and bobs for the wedding. Due to lack of space, this means our kitchen looks like a bric a brac sale. I think ill have to pack things away soon to keep breakables away from grubby hands. It’ll be fun unpacking again in September. I’ve decided to make cake stands as due to this 21st Century love for all things vintage, they cost an awful lot! This would be ok if we weren’t greedy guts and planning to have about 7 cakes… I’ll be sure to post my attempts.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the hints of sunshine and daily walkabouts with Munchkin. Long may it last!

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