Streamer crazy

I’ve been trying to think of ways to liven up the hall where we’ll be saying “I do”. It’s a lovely big village hall, but boy is it bland… I’ve been sewing like a mad lady and have been so lucky to have other friends digging out their sewing machines to help. I think the bunting will look super, but I have been keeping my eyes peeled for some colourful inspiration.

Then I stumbled upon this tutorial to make fringed streamers and I have become obsessed! I’m going for blues, greens, turquoise, white etc. My sister pointed out that it’ll look like the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in Back to the Future. Exactly the look I was going for. Ha.

Here are some other streamer ideas that have me green eyed…


Colourful days

I have finally got my hands on a working sewing machine and after a quick tutorial from Scott’s granny I am up and running with our wedding bunting. It means I can at last put to use the hundreds of fabric triangles I sat there cutting on those nights when BS has worked late. I love the fact that her old machine has made clothes for her 5 children and also many wedding outfits for herself. I like that it will have a part in our wedding too.

So, the place is scattered with fabric, but it means there has been a lot of colour around lately – my favourite! Here are a few more things that have been brightening up my days…

This last one is what happens when I tell Noah to smile. Bit scary, but he’s getting the hang of it.