Colourful days

I have finally got my hands on a working sewing machine and after a quick tutorial from Scott’s granny I am up and running with our wedding bunting. It means I can at last put to use the hundreds of fabric triangles I sat there cutting on those nights when BS has worked late. I love the fact that her old machine has made clothes for her 5 children and also many wedding outfits for herself. I like that it will have a part in our wedding too.

So, the place is scattered with fabric, but it means there has been a lot of colour around lately – my favourite! Here are a few more things that have been brightening up my days…

This last one is what happens when I tell Noah to smile. Bit scary, but he’s getting the hang of it.


5 thoughts on “Colourful days

  1. Bunting is such a joy. I love the roseprint next to that blue! I will hedge my bets that the sewing machine will stay with you for a little while longer after your wedding. Sewing is a very addictive hobby!

    • Thanks! The floral is lovely – a pair of old curtains I got for a pound! I will have to experiment with the sewing machine, bunting suits me as I can just about handle a straight stitch. Any tips would be appreciated!

  2. I´ve got my sewing machine out too. Attempting to make some Autumnal dresses for my little girl….with varying degrees of success 🙂 Lots of good tutorial websites out there to teach you the basics Jen, that´s where I´ve been searching. Only thing is I spend so much time looking at the sites and then Lily wakes from her afternoon sleep and I haven´t achieved anything!!

  3. Aw Michelle, I bet you could make Lily some gorgeous dresses! I may well do a you tube search soon and get to grips with the basics. It’s a shame Noah can’t wear dresses, maybe some floral dungarees or something… xxx

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