Monday Monday

For us, the weekend starts on a Monday. There is something kind of nice knowing that while most other people are starting their working week, we have two whole days free to fill with whatever takes our fancy. However, it can be hard sometimes to get the balance right. I used to think that if we weren’t spending every single minute together as a family, we were doing something wrong. We’re now starting to get to grips with how to divide our time between getting jobs done, us both having time free to ourselves and doing fun stuff.

This weekend, I think we have almost cracked it. Well, our bedroom does resemble a creche/jumble sale, but something had to give. I enjoyed an afternoon to myself yesterday, we had a drizzly, but lovely afternoon all together today and right now, BS is away practicing some tunes with his band. A good all rounder i’d say.

Here are some piccies from our Lundi-Mardi weekend. And a wee song too!


Flat dreaming

We are quite smitten with a flat we have found, so of course I have been mentally decorating each room in the place ever since we went to see it. The place has a spare room *gasp* (BS says music room, I don’t even care i’m so delighted at the prospect) While we are waiting to see if it could ever actually be ours, here are some of the things i’ve been dreaming of. I am loving the thought of all white walls, colourful bits of furniture and wooden floors. Wowza!

Yes. A table where we could all sit together and throw food in each other’s faces. I love it.


Today was wet, wet, wet. Me and the boy got soaked after spending the day out and about. It’s hard to believe that we were enjoying sunny afternoons in the park and on the beach earlier this week. I think Munchkin was relieved. Like his dad, he’s not built for the heat… Although he did learn how to make sand castles and enjoyed spending time with his new BFF, Alfie the dog, also known as “oooff oooff“.

Somebody loves chocolate cornettos.