Strawberry fields for Noah

With July turning out to be a total wash out, it was amazng to spend a rare sunny afternoon doing something i’ve been hankering after for ages – fruit picking! With Munchkin havng his fix of “da beeeeeeeach” in the morning, BS surprised us with a trip to Craigies Farm. I hadn’t been strawberry picking since I was wee and it was a first for my boys too. I promise we DID NOT EAT ANY…

What to do with the fruits of our labour? Well, apart from just cramming them in our mouths at every opportunity, I may well try out some of these tasty recipes.

1. Strawberry Cobbler. Yes. PLease.2. Strawberry Lemonade. Say what??
3. Strawberry bread. Anything with the word bread in it is is usually a winner.



Paint by numbers

When I was little i’d get my arty kicks out of paint-by-numbers. I Loved the minature pots of paint and spend ages filling in those regimented splodges. I’d always be chuffed with my waterfall or baby deer snow scene…. I love that people are feeling the love again for these fun paintings and they’re finding their place in retro-inspired interiors.

Check out these masterpieces.

And lastly, you’ve gotta love a bit of paint-by-numbers wall art!


Hello again

Oh blog, I have missed you. We’ve had lots of hassle with our internet provider, but are finally up and running again, sigh. So, to catch up, here a few things we have seen, baked, eaten and coloured-in over the last few weeks.

Note the not-so-equal distribution of hundreds and thousands.

Not like this munchkin cares….

We put the finishing touches to our invites!

And had a photo shoot with our fantabulous wedding photographers, Dylan and Joanna ooot and about in Stockbridge.