Bedroom shake-up

We have decided to stay put for the next year or so. At first this made me sad, but I do love our flat and am going to see the next year as an opportunity to make it an even nicer home and to improve all the little things that need prettying up.

Our bedroom is the one room we haven’t touched since we’ve been here. We’ve moved the furniture around a bit, added bits and bobs, but I feel it could do with a bit of a make over. I think the fact that it’s drab makes us less inclined to keep it tidy and nice, or maybe we’re just sloths. As BS would say, “it’s a total midden“.

We’re agreed that the first things that need to go are the not-so-lovely mirrored wardrobe doors. It’s a hard task to even open them as they’re so stiff and jammed and they let out a metalic screech when they finally do. We’re thinking maybe some simple white shutter doors. As for colour, we’re thinking a brighter, happier colour for the window wall. Maybe this blue?

I love these blue walls below.

I love our screen prints by Kathryn DiLego and think they deserve to be hung in a prettier room!Last but not least, this little fella has been waiting for a revamp for the last few months. I’ve not quite decided what to do with him yet, but clearing all the crap off him would be a good place to start…

Will keep you posted on the revamp! x