Birthday time

I’ve been hearing a lot of things recently about two year olds. Some good, some bad, some hilarious.  An aquaintance told me that her son “woke up cheeky” on his second birthday and is still going strong. Tomorrow is Munchkin’s second (gasp!) birthday. He entered cheeky mode a while back, but this has also been accompanied by many other lovely changes.

This time last year I was fretting over which cake to bake for him. What with all the busy days of late, I don’t feel as prepared as last year for his birthday. However, his indifferent attitude towards cake (say, what?) has me feeling a bit more relaxed this time round. That’s not to say we are cakeless. No, I knocked up a digger-yellow sponge cake earlier.

I’m looking forward to all the next year has to throw at us and to another year of digger appreciation, soup-spilling, bubble kisses and giggles.


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