I was recently very privileged (and squealing just a little bit…) to have some of my art work used in a new line of Spanish ceramics. Limoceramics is a line of simple, beautifully designed ceramic ware, made in Spain by local artisans. They decided to do a limited number of custom pieces showing designs by a number of artists and illustrators and I was lucky enough to have a design used.

Check out some of their pieces…

My original design was one of three that is on the wall in our living room, seen here in a post from last year. I especially love the use of leather and other materials on some of their pieces. I’ll have to get my hands on a few things to pretty up my kitchen. If you would like to pretty up your house with any of the lovely limoceramics goodies (go on!), you will soon be able to buy them online from their website.

I have been spurred on a wee bit and what with the days getting shorter and the months of long evenings ahead, i’d like to dig out my creative hat and see if it still fits. Apart from all the wedding decorations, it feels like ages since I have made anything new and i’d like to get back into the swing of things. I’ll be thinking up some new projects and will hopefully share them on here.

Talking of new creativity, Munchkin and I broke out the paints the other day and had a go. All went well until he tried drinking the paint water. He’ll get the hang of it.


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