Hot pink & patterned dreams

It’s a cold, crisp day today in Edinburgh. I could be taking in the fresh air and crunching on all the fallen leaves, but no, today we are having a mopping-up-pee day. Trying to get back on track with the potty training after we abandoned it due to wedding busyness. To get me through all the carpet scrubbing and high-fiving, i’m going to enjoy this quiet nap time hour and share with you a few things i’ve had my eye on this week.

Munchkin is a hippy at heart, so as soon as he’s indoors, off come the socks. This little dude loves to be barefoot and free, but has frozen tootsies in cold November. Thinking of making these slippers for him…

We had a fun night at seeing one of BS’ favourite bands, Efterklang at the Usher Hall. I am by no means “on it” with current music (my playlists are cringeworthy), but even I enjoyed a wee foot tap to these guys. They were so smiley on stage. Maybe not so much here.Maybe it’s the cold weather, but i’m craving some hot pinks and jazzy patterns. ‘Tis the season for jazziness, after all. I’ll get my fix by drooling over the following…

I’m not usually one for pink accessories, but these boots are pulling at my heart strings.

And finally, how sweet are these upcycled fairisle cushions from theRemakerie on Etsy?

Stay warm! xx