My late new year

Ok, so it is just about mid-January and I am only now getting around to do my New Year post. Oh dear. I blame it on the post-festive, lethargic bubble I have only recently climbed out of.

I wanted to share some of my favourite things from the past year…

1.Taking a few trips. Some alone, some with friends and some full of tantrums. We exploresd The Isle of Mull, Tighnabruaich, Durham and Amsterdam.IMG_0494IMG_0531IMG_0190IMG_0860

2. Having that colourful, fun day in late September where we said “I do!” and ate quite a lot of cake. 394JenScottLowRes

3. Noah finally mastering the art of jumping!IMG_0748

4. Realising he was a bit of a weirdo…


5. A second birthday, pumpkins and new recipes.


6. Dragging Munchkin out to explore his city!IMG_0592IMG_0597IMG_0348

7. Being lucky enough to have a design used for this exciting project.limoceramics-1_baja

8. Being lucky enough to have this lovely man with me. IMG_0070

9. Spending time with the fam. SAM_1655 SAM_1760 SAM_1768

10. Seeing friends who are nearby and others who are too far away and appreciating how lovely they all are.463JenScottLowRes 665JenScottLowRes 739JenScottLowRes

This year, i’m looking forward to some new adventures, more giggly chats with Munchkin, more high fives with friends, learning upholstery, turning 30 and hopefully not taking Noah on too many white-knuckle car rides when I get round to taking my driving test.