Today was wet, wet, wet. Me and the boy got soaked after spending the day out and about. It’s hard to believe that we were enjoying sunny afternoons in the park and on the beach earlier this week. I think Munchkin was relieved. Like his dad, he’s not built for the heat… Although he did learn how to make sand castles and enjoyed spending time with his new BFF, Alfie the dog, also known as “oooff oooff“.

Somebody loves chocolate cornettos.


Run for Gladys!

A few years ago when I started jogging for the first time I found it hard to push myself to go faster and run for longer. If right now you’re envisioning me breezing swiftly along on a lycra-clad, 5k morning run, please stop. In reality, I was (and still am) a soft-around-the-edges, asthmatic who has never jogged for more than 20 mins straight in my life. I used to daydream quite a lot while I ran and I once let it slip to a friend that to push myself harder I imagined¬† that I was in a race and that my child was there watching, encouraging me to go on. Hil-bloody-arious. Never lived it down. A few weeks later my friend dreamt I had a little girl who I named Gladys (!) and ever since then i’ve been “RUNNING FOR GLADYS!”

I thought of this today when Munchkin and I went along to Holyrood Palace and stumbled upon the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Yes, i’m so on the pulse of what’s going on in this city. I had planned a quiet picnic and instead was met with lots of sweat, panting and Lucozade. I’d never been to a race before and I had quite a strange and embarrassing reaction. I started crying… I think what did it was the crowd clapping and cheering support to the runners passing by, it just got me. Luckily, it’s quite easy to hide a soggy face when you’re clutching a toddler, so we wandered through the crowds and then had a good walk around Arthur’s Seat.

Check out the view as I “walked for Noah!”…

(top pic by this clever fellow)

Colourful findings in Stockbridge

With a couple of hours free yesterday, I hopped on a bus to Stockbridge, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. Being able to wander around by myself is a rarity nowdays and I loved every minute of it, looking in all the gift shops and rifling through the charity shops in search of treasure!

One of my favourites shops in Stockbridge is Caoba, a lovely place full of Mexican handicrafts, cards, decorations and even food. Look, see…

Loving the mix of things, especially the wrestling masks! Their ceramics are bold and fun and I love all their minature tiles. It made me think about Mexican inspired interiors and the fun that could be had with all the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to drool over the following….

Chair, as seen here.

You can add this vintage bedspread to your Christmas wish list here!

Portobello dreams

Yesterday we decided to go for a wander around one of my favourite places in edinburgh, Portobello. It was late afternoon and the light was so pretty on the beach. Munchkin caused havoc on the promenade, toddling infront of school children and bike riders (must get a harness!). He is so curious, especially when it comes to things he can stick his podgy fingers into…

The streets leading down towards the beach are lined with charming Georgian houses that I absolutely love. They may look like small bunalows, but there’s something very grand about these buildings and they’re so full of character. What I wouldn’t give to live in one of these! I managed to snap a few of my favourites.

Knock knock

I love the architecture of Edinburgh, but sometimes I have to admit that it does all look a bit dull. In a city full of tenement buildings, I see front doors as an apportunity to add colour and character to these otherwise monotonous streets. Nothing says “Welcome, do come in!” more than a nice, bright front door. Yesterday I took Munchkin to the New Town in Edinburgh to see if the residents there were being creative with colour. Amongst all the greys and whites, we found a few lovelies. I espeially love the electric blue door.

I’m afraid to say our own front door is rather bland, although we do share it with six other flats, so I won’t start fighting over the colour scheme any time soon… At least the lady upstairs has added some colour by planting lovely hydrangeas!

Check out some of these colourful entrance ways…

City rummaging

There is a whole lot of junk out there to be had, but hidden amongst all the high street tat, Edinburgh has a few places that are absolute gems for finding quirky and original furniture and accessories. Here are my favourites…

1. Bra Bohag is a tiny, but well stocked shop on Easter Road. It has a great selection of Mid Century furniture, art and other bits and bobs. The owners are friendly and take care in selecting good quality, timeless pieces for those who love a spot of retro in their homes.

2. Studio One has always been one of those places that makes me forget where I was actually going and want to stay put all afternoon mooching through all the goodies. It’s great for gifts, jewellery, traditional toys, ceramics and lighting. Their furniture store in Morningside is full of beautiful pieces if you feel like splurging.

3. Steptoes in Newington is the place to go for pre-loved furniture. Whether you’re wanting a restoration project or are just someone who loves a good rummage around, this place is so much fun. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a bargain and adding something quirky to your home.

4. I’m a sucker for clutter and Context Interiors do it so well. Based in Morningside and Cockburn Street, these family run stores are full of classic items and Georgian inspired accessories. I’ve yet to check out their newly opened Old Town store, but i’m sure i’ll be hooked.

5. For those of you with a healthy bank balance and who love contempory design, Design Shop UK, Causewayside, is definitely worth a visit. Their shop holds an array of modern interior delights, with larger designer furniture items available to order online.

Of course, I can’t talk about furniture in Edinburgh without mentioning the amazing charity shops that this city has. Banardo’s furniture store on Leith Walk is a favourite of mine, as well as Bethany Trust on Duke Street, where I found and restored these…

Sunshine in the city

Sometimes you can forget what is on your doorstep, but when he sun comes out (yes, summer is late again in Edinburgh) it makes you want to explore. Last week we took a walk up Calton Hill, thinking it would be nice for Noah to visit somewhere knew. Although BS and I had been up there many times separately, I think this was the first time together.

As well as trying to fly over the National Monument, Noah walked around quite a bit holding our hands. He even managed a wee jaunt uphill. There is no stopping this munchkin!

It made me want to explore more, rather than getting stuck seeing the same old things. I also find it exciting introducing Noah to all these new places that he will hopefully visit again and again as he gets older.