My late new year

Ok, so it is just about mid-January and I am only now getting around to do my New Year post. Oh dear. I blame it on the post-festive, lethargic bubble I have only recently climbed out of.

I wanted to share some of my favourite things from the past year…

1.Taking a few trips. Some alone, some with friends and some full of tantrums. We exploresd The Isle of Mull, Tighnabruaich, Durham and Amsterdam.IMG_0494IMG_0531IMG_0190IMG_0860

2. Having that colourful, fun day in late September where we said “I do!” and ate quite a lot of cake. 394JenScottLowRes

3. Noah finally mastering the art of jumping!IMG_0748

4. Realising he was a bit of a weirdo…


5. A second birthday, pumpkins and new recipes.


6. Dragging Munchkin out to explore his city!IMG_0592IMG_0597IMG_0348

7. Being lucky enough to have a design used for this exciting project.limoceramics-1_baja

8. Being lucky enough to have this lovely man with me. IMG_0070

9. Spending time with the fam. SAM_1655 SAM_1760 SAM_1768

10. Seeing friends who are nearby and others who are too far away and appreciating how lovely they all are.463JenScottLowRes 665JenScottLowRes 739JenScottLowRes

This year, i’m looking forward to some new adventures, more giggly chats with Munchkin, more high fives with friends, learning upholstery, turning 30 and hopefully not taking Noah on too many white-knuckle car rides when I get round to taking my driving test.


Monday Monday

For us, the weekend starts on a Monday. There is something kind of nice knowing that while most other people are starting their working week, we have two whole days free to fill with whatever takes our fancy. However, it can be hard sometimes to get the balance right. I used to think that if we weren’t spending every single minute together as a family, we were doing something wrong. We’re now starting to get to grips with how to divide our time between getting jobs done, us both having time free to ourselves and doing fun stuff.

This weekend, I think we have almost cracked it. Well, our bedroom does resemble a creche/jumble sale, but something had to give. I enjoyed an afternoon to myself yesterday, we had a drizzly, but lovely afternoon all together today and right now, BS is away practicing some tunes with his band. A good all rounder i’d say.

Here are some piccies from our Lundi-Mardi weekend. And a wee song too!

Portobello dreams

Yesterday we decided to go for a wander around one of my favourite places in edinburgh, Portobello. It was late afternoon and the light was so pretty on the beach. Munchkin caused havoc on the promenade, toddling infront of school children and bike riders (must get a harness!). He is so curious, especially when it comes to things he can stick his podgy fingers into…

The streets leading down towards the beach are lined with charming Georgian houses that I absolutely love. They may look like small bunalows, but there’s something very grand about these buildings and they’re so full of character. What I wouldn’t give to live in one of these! I managed to snap a few of my favourites.

Sunshine in the city

Sometimes you can forget what is on your doorstep, but when he sun comes out (yes, summer is late again in Edinburgh) it makes you want to explore. Last week we took a walk up Calton Hill, thinking it would be nice for Noah to visit somewhere knew. Although BS and I had been up there many times separately, I think this was the first time together.

As well as trying to fly over the National Monument, Noah walked around quite a bit holding our hands. He even managed a wee jaunt uphill. There is no stopping this munchkin!

It made me want to explore more, rather than getting stuck seeing the same old things. I also find it exciting introducing Noah to all these new places that he will hopefully visit again and again as he gets older.

A lick of paint

I’ve always been interested in interiors, but having moved a ridiculous total of 12 times over the last nine years, I have never really had the time to get my teeth into anything major. Also, there is only so much you can do when renting. You don’t want to upset your landlord too much! However, we have now been in our flat for over a year and i’ve been slowly making changes. It all started when I was heavily pregnant and having t0 stare at the same four walls day in, day out. This was followed by my first winter with a newborn, hence, being stuck inside for even longer. I had fun decorating Noah’s room last summer. It didn’t really need much – just a trip to Paperchase for some pretty paper, and hey presto, bunting! My lovely sister crocheted a bumble bee mobile for him (see below) and we found some cool Eric Carle prints for the walls from Paper Tiger.

Where I live in Edinburgh, there is an abundance of local second-hand shops and thrift stores where you can find old furniture and cool little bits and pieces. Sometimes when you have a new baby your brain is so focused on keeping him or her happy, that you realise you haven’t done anything creative or fun for a while. I had a blast painting up this old cabinet last year. It has loads of space for all our junk inside and I was planning ahead for the time when Noah would be into everyhting and throwing the flat screen tv off the low level shelf that used to be there (I seriously wouldn’t have put it past him).