Jenny Loves Retro

I fell in love with this sweet little table while I was out with Noah a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect thing for me to experiment on, with all the geometric pattern ideas i’d been wanting to paint lately. Munchkin was a good sport, as he was made to walk with me, as we strapped the table in to the pushchair and made our way home (another reason I need to pass my test soon).

I started with a coat of primer on the top.DSC_0916Then I drew out my pattern and began to mask some of the lines, ready to get the fun started.DSC_0921DSC_0931DSC_0934DSC_0935Slowly it started coming together and after a week or so of doing a bit every evening, my geometric beauty was finished!DSC_0950DSC_0953DSC_0957I kind of love it. I also, as with everything else, want to keep it. But alas, it is going to it’s new home tonight.


Can’t. Stop. Painting…

I’m a bit make-over-obsessed at the moment and have been painting everything in sight. Remember when I found these beauties? Wanting to brighten up Noah’s room a wee bit, I finally got around to painting and re-covering the ottoman, which is currently being used as his toy/junk box.

ottomanDSC_0890DSC_0893DSC_0901DSC_0897I’d like to say that Munchkin loved it, but his response was simply “No red, mummy, Noah like blooooooo”. Oh well. My next victim was a bargain book shelf I found at the local charity shop. As our walls aren’t strong enough to hold up any shelves, I really wanted something freestanding where I could display my favourite vases, pics and books.


Cupboard lust










My gawgeous friend Lucie recently told me about a furniture shop in Toronto that she walks past most days. She is madly in love with their yellow chest (top right), in her words “I want this tres expensive chest SO BADLY!” The shop is called Burnett and is owned by a husband and wife team who specialise in restoring and decorating vintage furniture.

The pieces are bright and beautiful and it has made me want to get out my stripper and paint brushes and get to work on some more furniture. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a potential project.

Lucie, you could always sell a kidney. x

Check out these other restoration projects below…

New treasures

This week i’ve been swooning over some new things we found for the flat. I’d been looking for a trunk for ages in which I could store all of munchkin’s toys and bits and bobs, but wasn’t having much luck. We went to go see an ottoman i’d found on Gumtree and were delighted to be warmly welcomed into a warehouse stacked full of pre-loved goodies. Oh, the restraint I had to muster not to dive right in. A certain whinging munchkin tugging on my leg was the only thing that stopped me from getting carried away. However, I was successful in persuading BS to jam these goodies into the car, tetris-style…

A tiled purple & white coffee table, now used by Noah as a standy-uppy “reading” table (i’m on the look out for a chair next…)

A wicker ottoman with a turquoise woven lid. It’s big enough to pack away a whole lot of junk, hallelujah! BS isn’t sure about the gold. I’m undecided, I can always paint it, meh.

Couch dreamin’

We don’t need a new couch, nor do we have the space or spondoola for one, but i’ve been dreaming of adding a new member to the family, in the form of a big vintage, squishy velvet couch, mmmm. Maybe it’s because today all I really wanted to do was to lie one one for 12 hours straight with a box of chocolates and a pile of magazines, with my own little munchkin butler bringing me cups of tea…  Anyway, back to my dream couch. One day it’ll join our fam, but until then, I will brood daily over the following…

And finally, loving this hot pink lady on her hot pink couch. I bet she has a munchkin butler…

I heart Ercol

I’m having a love affair with Ercol. It’s a rather one-sided affair, as I don’t think our pocket money or lounge space will ever stretch, but I can admire from afar. For now…

It’s the simplicity and softness of the designs that do it for me. I’m not one for anything too angular, so the subtle curves on their retro pieces just make me SMILE! Here are some of my favourite pieces.

What i’m most interested in are the armchairs, as I have a little mystery i’d like to solve. Whilst I was having a moment of Ercol envy and eyeing up a cleverly upcycled Ercol armchair, I suddenly realised that the chair in question was almost identical to the salvaged armchairs I have in the living room and bedroom. Could it be that my love affair HAS actually blossomed for real and that I do in fact posess some Ercol loveliness?? Take a look and see what you think.

Without the Ercol stamp or model number anywhere on my armchairs or foot stool, i’m a bit stumped, but I do think that the chair upcycled by Sarah-Jayne Guest is almost identical to mine, even down to the tapered legs. I’d love it if anyone could shed some light on my Ercol mystery!?

City rummaging

There is a whole lot of junk out there to be had, but hidden amongst all the high street tat, Edinburgh has a few places that are absolute gems for finding quirky and original furniture and accessories. Here are my favourites…

1. Bra Bohag is a tiny, but well stocked shop on Easter Road. It has a great selection of Mid Century furniture, art and other bits and bobs. The owners are friendly and take care in selecting good quality, timeless pieces for those who love a spot of retro in their homes.

2. Studio One has always been one of those places that makes me forget where I was actually going and want to stay put all afternoon mooching through all the goodies. It’s great for gifts, jewellery, traditional toys, ceramics and lighting. Their furniture store in Morningside is full of beautiful pieces if you feel like splurging.

3. Steptoes in Newington is the place to go for pre-loved furniture. Whether you’re wanting a restoration project or are just someone who loves a good rummage around, this place is so much fun. Nothing beats the feeling of getting a bargain and adding something quirky to your home.

4. I’m a sucker for clutter and Context Interiors do it so well. Based in Morningside and Cockburn Street, these family run stores are full of classic items and Georgian inspired accessories. I’ve yet to check out their newly opened Old Town store, but i’m sure i’ll be hooked.

5. For those of you with a healthy bank balance and who love contempory design, Design Shop UK, Causewayside, is definitely worth a visit. Their shop holds an array of modern interior delights, with larger designer furniture items available to order online.

Of course, I can’t talk about furniture in Edinburgh without mentioning the amazing charity shops that this city has. Banardo’s furniture store on Leith Walk is a favourite of mine, as well as Bethany Trust on Duke Street, where I found and restored these…