Bedroom shake-up

We have decided to stay put for the next year or so. At first this made me sad, but I do love our flat and am going to see the next year as an opportunity to make it an even nicer home and to improve all the little things that need prettying up.

Our bedroom is the one room we haven’t touched since we’ve been here. We’ve moved the furniture around a bit, added bits and bobs, but I feel it could do with a bit of a make over. I think the fact that it’s drab makes us less inclined to keep it tidy and nice, or maybe we’re just sloths. As BS would say, “it’s a total midden“.

We’re agreed that the first things that need to go are the not-so-lovely mirrored wardrobe doors. It’s a hard task to even open them as they’re so stiff and jammed and they let out a metalic screech when they finally do. We’re thinking maybe some simple white shutter doors. As for colour, we’re thinking a brighter, happier colour for the window wall. Maybe this blue?

I love these blue walls below.

I love our screen prints by Kathryn DiLego and think they deserve to be hung in a prettier room!Last but not least, this little fella has been waiting for a revamp for the last few months. I’ve not quite decided what to do with him yet, but clearing all the crap off him would be a good place to start…

Will keep you posted on the revamp! x


Paint by numbers

When I was little i’d get my arty kicks out of paint-by-numbers. I Loved the minature pots of paint and spend ages filling in those regimented splodges. I’d always be chuffed with my waterfall or baby deer snow scene…. I love that people are feeling the love again for these fun paintings and they’re finding their place in retro-inspired interiors.

Check out these masterpieces.

And lastly, you’ve gotta love a bit of paint-by-numbers wall art!


Flat dreaming

We are quite smitten with a flat we have found, so of course I have been mentally decorating each room in the place ever since we went to see it. The place has a spare room *gasp* (BS says music room, I don’t even care i’m so delighted at the prospect) While we are waiting to see if it could ever actually be ours, here are some of the things i’ve been dreaming of. I am loving the thought of all white walls, colourful bits of furniture and wooden floors. Wowza!

Yes. A table where we could all sit together and throw food in each other’s faces. I love it.

Window dressing

Noah’s new favourite game is hide and seek and our poor curtains are getting a beating. Although it’s cute seeing his little feet poke out from underneath and his smiley face unveiled, they’re now hemless and looking a bit weary. We have blinds on all the other windows which are nice and simple, but yawn, yawn….. I’d like something a bit more fun.

Our living space is small, so I wouldn’t really be wanting anything to bright and imposing. A while back I discovered some lovely window films by UK designer Emma Jeffs online. Her decorative films go straight onto the window and create pretty patterns, giving you privacy and sunshine (in Scotland? ha!). I guess they’re a modern version of good old net curtains. They’re also great as there are no cords for little hands to grab and get tangled. Here are my faves from her collection.

If traditional is more your thing and you like to get cozy of an evening by closing your curtains on the world, Anthropologie have a very pretty collection. Here’s a peek.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, check out this clever lady’s upcycled curtain and beautiful patchwork.

Thinking cozy thoughts

There seems to be more than just a “nip in the air” in Edinburgh right now, as I found out yesterday when munchkin’s hands nearly froze solid (he pulls his mittens off with his teeth – that’s my boy!). We felt it the most as we went up on the big wheel overlooking Princes Street. Brrrrrrr.

I’m doing my best to have warm thoughts and although I’m eternally grateful to have central heating keeping the wee man snug, nothing can compare to the crackle and flicker of a real fire. Imagine snuggling up in front of these.

And while we’re getting all snug and warm, why not throw in a bit of sheepskin too?

And if all of the above fail, i’ll just have to knit myself one of these…

Colourful findings in Stockbridge

With a couple of hours free yesterday, I hopped on a bus to Stockbridge, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. Being able to wander around by myself is a rarity nowdays and I loved every minute of it, looking in all the gift shops and rifling through the charity shops in search of treasure!

One of my favourites shops in Stockbridge is Caoba, a lovely place full of Mexican handicrafts, cards, decorations and even food. Look, see…

Loving the mix of things, especially the wrestling masks! Their ceramics are bold and fun and I love all their minature tiles. It made me think about Mexican inspired interiors and the fun that could be had with all the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to drool over the following….

Chair, as seen here.

You can add this vintage bedspread to your Christmas wish list here!

Paper pretty

I have to say, i’m a bit wary of wallpaper. Maybe it’s the flashbacks to my parent’s ’90s floral designs, or maybe it’s the fact that i’ve never stayed put anywhere long enough to make my mark. Whatever the reason, i’ve always stayed well clear. However, lately i’ve been thinking it could be fun to experiment. But how do you make a more personal statement with wallpaper, when you know hundreds of other people have rolled out the same patterns on their walls?

Then I found these… I love how quirky and fun they are. They would really make your home feel unique and personal.

Should have kept all those old textbooks…

Although, who an resist this floral paper? Perhaps my folks had it right after all…