Window dressing

Noah’s new favourite game is hide and seek and our poor curtains are getting a beating. Although it’s cute seeing his little feet poke out from underneath and his smiley face unveiled, they’re now hemless and looking a bit weary. We have blinds on all the other windows which are nice and simple, but yawn, yawn….. I’d like something a bit more fun.

Our living space is small, so I wouldn’t really be wanting anything to bright and imposing. A while back I discovered some lovely window films by UK designer Emma Jeffs online. Her decorative films go straight onto the window and create pretty patterns, giving you privacy and sunshine (in Scotland? ha!). I guess they’re a modern version of good old net curtains. They’re also great as there are no cords for little hands to grab and get tangled. Here are my faves from her collection.

If traditional is more your thing and you like to get cozy of an evening by closing your curtains on the world, Anthropologie have a very pretty collection. Here’s a peek.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, check out this clever lady’s upcycled curtain and beautiful patchwork.


Book bugs

Noah loves books. He loves to chew, rip, throw, sit on, hide and kiss them, actually, just about anything apart from sit and look at them. This is why most of the time, the tiny flat which we inhabit looks like a bombed library. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not complaining. I understand that one day all the chewing and ripping will turn into quiet observation, so until then I am happy for him to be surrounded by his books. It’s just what to do with them once he has finished his demolition. He has a bookshelf in his bedroom, but recently it seems to have been taken over with stuffed toys and cleverly placed, out-of-munchkin’s-reach parenting books. I’d love to have some book storage especially for him, so that he can reach and admire his beautiful, colourful books – and if i’m lucky, put them back there at the end of the day (hmmm).

Here are some lovely examples of the kind of thing i’m after.

Quick observation – If this kid was Noah, he’d be in the middle of some Spiderman-esque manoeuvre, foot on each yellow chair, reaching for the top shelf…

And lastly, how lucky are the boys and girls in Beijing to have this as their public library?!

Sunshine in the city

Sometimes you can forget what is on your doorstep, but when he sun comes out (yes, summer is late again in Edinburgh) it makes you want to explore. Last week we took a walk up Calton Hill, thinking it would be nice for Noah to visit somewhere knew. Although BS and I had been up there many times separately, I think this was the first time together.

As well as trying to fly over the National Monument, Noah walked around quite a bit holding our hands. He even managed a wee jaunt uphill. There is no stopping this munchkin!

It made me want to explore more, rather than getting stuck seeing the same old things. I also find it exciting introducing Noah to all these new places that he will hopefully visit again and again as he gets older.