Noah no naps

I’m not sure what’s gotten into the munchkin, but he’s a bit all over the place with his napping. He’ll scream and scream when we put him down now, while he used to go to sleep quite easily. It’s quite frustrating! We can see that he’s tired, but he obviously feels like he’s missing out on a whole lot of fun being stuck in his cot!

At the moment, his favourite book is Avocado Baby, by John Burningham. It is a sweet story about a weak baby who won’t eat anything, but then his mother feeds him an avocado and he gets stronger and stronger! My sister gave it to Noah for Christmas last year. He likes to give the baby on the cover a kiss and sits still for almost the entire story. I can practically recite the whole book from heart and I love it. This is part of his bedtime routine, after he has had his milk and before we turn off the light.

I have just noticed that the resemblance between the two babies is quite uncanny. He does like chomping on avocado!