Birthday time

I’ve been hearing a lot of things recently about two year olds. Some good, some bad, some hilarious.¬† An aquaintance told me that her son “woke up cheeky” on his second birthday and is still going strong. Tomorrow is Munchkin’s second (gasp!) birthday. He entered cheeky mode a while back, but this has also been accompanied by many other lovely changes.

This time last year I was fretting over which cake to bake for him. What with all the busy days of late, I don’t feel as prepared as last year for his birthday. However, his indifferent attitude towards cake (say, what?) has me feeling a bit more relaxed this time round. That’s not to say we are cakeless. No, I knocked up a digger-yellow sponge cake earlier.

I’m looking forward to all the next year has to throw at us and to another year of digger appreciation, soup-spilling, bubble kisses and giggles.


We did!

After what feels like an incredibly long blogging snooze (filled with painting, streamering, marrying, friends, celebrating, resting, packing, unpacking, packing again….) I am back. Exhausted, but back.

We had a wonderful day with our wonderful friends and family, here are a few pics.

More blogging to follow soon. Plus a bedroom make over update! x

A whole twelve months!

It’s been a crazy few days, with lots of family and friends around to help celebrate the Munchkin’s first birthday. The night before, I set to work on his cake, making a simple vanilla sponge. The following morning, after all the pressies were opened and my mom and dad were taking him for a walk, I finally got down to the fun stuff…. decorating!

I think Noah was a wee bit dazed from all the goings on, but he had fun toddling around from room to room. It was all lovely and he was a lucky boy having all his family and friends there.

The last couple of days i’ve been a bit all over the place, I think I need to put my feet up and have a cuppa.

Let them eat CAKE

I’m having inner turmoil over Noah’s first birthday cake. What flavour should I make? If I had my usual healthy eating cap on like I normally do at his mealtimes, I would be cruel and make him a healthy fruit/vegetable-based, sugar free cake. BLURGH, who wants that? It’s verging on child cruelty. If he can’t have a treat on his birthday, when can he? So, what cake to make….

I fell in love with this rainbow cake. However, I think it’s just a bit too much pressure to put myself under and I can only imagine the state of the kitchen after making six different layers…

Then, I thought………carrot cake! Everybody loves this veggie cake (box ticked!). However, it’s not very birthday-ish.

Well, you can’t get any more first-birthday-ish than a great big numero uno¬†cake can you?