Colourful days

I have finally got my hands on a working sewing machine and after a quick tutorial from Scott’s granny I am up and running with our wedding bunting. It means I can at last put to use the hundreds of fabric triangles I sat there cutting on those nights when BS has worked late. I love the fact that her old machine has made clothes for her 5 children and also many wedding outfits for herself. I like that it will have a part in our wedding too.

So, the place is scattered with fabric, but it means there has been a lot of colour around lately – my favourite! Here are a few more things that have been brightening up my days…

This last one is what happens when I tell Noah to smile. Bit scary, but he’s getting the hang of it.


Colourful findings in Stockbridge

With a couple of hours free yesterday, I hopped on a bus to Stockbridge, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. Being able to wander around by myself is a rarity nowdays and I loved every minute of it, looking in all the gift shops and rifling through the charity shops in search of treasure!

One of my favourites shops in Stockbridge is Caoba, a lovely place full of Mexican handicrafts, cards, decorations and even food. Look, see…

Loving the mix of things, especially the wrestling masks! Their ceramics are bold and fun and I love all their minature tiles. It made me think about Mexican inspired interiors and the fun that could be had with all the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to drool over the following….

Chair, as seen here.

You can add this vintage bedspread to your Christmas wish list here!

Knock knock

I love the architecture of Edinburgh, but sometimes I have to admit that it does all look a bit dull. In a city full of tenement buildings, I see front doors as an apportunity to add colour and character to these otherwise monotonous streets. Nothing says “Welcome, do come in!” more than a nice, bright front door. Yesterday I took Munchkin to the New Town in Edinburgh to see if the residents there were being creative with colour. Amongst all the greys and whites, we found a few lovelies. I espeially love the electric blue door.

I’m afraid to say our own front door is rather bland, although we do share it with six other flats, so I won’t start fighting over the colour scheme any time soon… At least the lady upstairs has added some colour by planting lovely hydrangeas!

Check out some of these colourful entrance ways…

Let’s brighten up this grey day

On this drab, rainy saturday, I think my life needs a bit of colour and pattern, so here’s what’s brightening up my day…

I would like one of each please!

What a gorgeous print, this would look great on a crisp white wall.

I used to work at an a childrens shoe store in Edinburgh and the See Kai Run shoes were always my favourite. I can just imagine a chubby pair of legs toddling around in these beautiful blue shoes.

It’s better than hanging out your undies.

And finally… who can be gloomy whilst tucking into patterned biccies!