And my evening was spent….

So, I made a mess and was helped along the way by red wine and peanut m&m’s, but I managed to make a few cards out of my crafty leftovers. Earlier in the day I took the munchkin on an “adventure” to Poundland. Who knew they had treats other than toblerone and bin liners? We left laden with christmassy bits and bobs and some crafty determination…

They’re not the most professional of christmas cards, but isn’t the festive season all about making things with love and fun??? That’ll be my line anyway…

I went in search of craft card and came across these sturdy envelopes that did the job.

A few hours later and da-daaaa!

Let’s just say the stapler was my friend last night.


Knit your heart out

A couple of winters ago, I got hooked on knitting. When I was little my nan used to knit us our school jumpers and she taught me back then, but after a gap of over 20 years, I had kind of lost the knack… It all started in cold Toronto when we spent evenings in our basement flat with not a lot to do (note, it was around this time that I got pregnant, see what happens when you move to a new country where you don’t know anyone!) We found a lovely knitting shop on Queen West and I purchased some chunky wool, some even chunkier needles and set to work on a scarf for my beloved.

Now, I know there are lots of interesting things you can knit, but as a newby a scarf is easy as it is basically just a straight line. You can’t see it fully here, but it was teal, chocolate and burnt orange and he loved it!

My mother is a good knitter and has made Noah all sorts of cute things. I don’t think there is anything cuter than a podgy baby all wrapped up in knits. My friend in Norway sends me packs of hand-me-downs every few months or so and I have been waiting for Noah to grow so he can fit some knitted trousers pretty similar to these bad boys.

Bring on the winter so we can get all cosy in our knits!