My late new year

Ok, so it is just about mid-January and I am only now getting around to do my New Year post. Oh dear. I blame it on the post-festive, lethargic bubble I have only recently climbed out of.

I wanted to share some of my favourite things from the past year…

1.Taking a few trips. Some alone, some with friends and some full of tantrums. We exploresd The Isle of Mull, Tighnabruaich, Durham and Amsterdam.IMG_0494IMG_0531IMG_0190IMG_0860

2. Having that colourful, fun day in late September where we said “I do!” and ate quite a lot of cake. 394JenScottLowRes

3. Noah finally mastering the art of jumping!IMG_0748

4. Realising he was a bit of a weirdo…


5. A second birthday, pumpkins and new recipes.


6. Dragging Munchkin out to explore his city!IMG_0592IMG_0597IMG_0348

7. Being lucky enough to have a design used for this exciting project.limoceramics-1_baja

8. Being lucky enough to have this lovely man with me. IMG_0070

9. Spending time with the fam. SAM_1655 SAM_1760 SAM_1768

10. Seeing friends who are nearby and others who are too far away and appreciating how lovely they all are.463JenScottLowRes 665JenScottLowRes 739JenScottLowRes

This year, i’m looking forward to some new adventures, more giggly chats with Munchkin, more high fives with friends, learning upholstery, turning 30 and hopefully not taking Noah on too many white-knuckle car rides when I get round to taking my driving test.



IMG_1166 This time last year, we took our one year old munchkin up on the white knuckle ride that is the big Christmas wheel. We thought we’d scare the hell out of him again this year, so we wrapped up and had a cold, windy jolly looking over our beautiful city. Noah is starting to get the hang of this whole christmas thing and shouts “ho-ho-ho” whenever he catches even a glimpse of tinsel.

Here are some smoochy now and then pics. He appears to be equally unimpressed with my kisses in both. More importantly, how long is his magic 6-9 month jacket going to last?

DSC_0886IMG_1160IMG_1169IMG_1156We stuffed our faces with hot doughnuts and petted our little friend Peter, the plastic polar bear.


Our lovely trying-to-get-in-a-christmassy-mood afternoon was topped off with sneaking into Jenners for a look at their huge, pretty tree.


Hot pink & patterned dreams

It’s a cold, crisp day today in Edinburgh. I could be taking in the fresh air and crunching on all the fallen leaves, but no, today we are having a mopping-up-pee day. Trying to get back on track with the potty training after we abandoned it due to wedding busyness. To get me through all the carpet scrubbing and high-fiving, i’m going to enjoy this quiet nap time hour and share with you a few things i’ve had my eye on this week.

Munchkin is a hippy at heart, so as soon as he’s indoors, off come the socks. This little dude loves to be barefoot and free, but has frozen tootsies in cold November. Thinking of making these slippers for him…

We had a fun night at seeing one of BS’ favourite bands, Efterklang at the Usher Hall. I am by no means “on it” with current music (my playlists are cringeworthy), but even I enjoyed a wee foot tap to these guys. They were so smiley on stage. Maybe not so much here.Maybe it’s the cold weather, but i’m craving some hot pinks and jazzy patterns. ‘Tis the season for jazziness, after all. I’ll get my fix by drooling over the following…

I’m not usually one for pink accessories, but these boots are pulling at my heart strings.

And finally, how sweet are these upcycled fairisle cushions from theRemakerie on Etsy?

Stay warm! xx




Today was wet, wet, wet. Me and the boy got soaked after spending the day out and about. It’s hard to believe that we were enjoying sunny afternoons in the park and on the beach earlier this week. I think Munchkin was relieved. Like his dad, he’s not built for the heat… Although he did learn how to make sand castles and enjoyed spending time with his new BFF, Alfie the dog, also known as “oooff oooff“.

Somebody loves chocolate cornettos.

A year of firsts

Ding dong, almost time for the bells and another year gone by. This last year has probably been one of the most interesting i’ve had and also one of the most settled, having actually stayed in the one place for a whole twelve months! Our wild plans for Hogmanay include big fat steaks, chips with vinegar (gasp!) and hopefully a big warm cuddle when the clock chimes midnight.

The best thing about the last year has been watching our little dude grow from this:

to this…

There have also been a lot of firsts….

1. First steps2. First birthday.3. First holiday in the sun.

4. First night away without Munchkin.5. First bump to the head.

6. First blog post.

7. First family day trips.Next year I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing for way too long, seeing Noah soak up even more and growing bigger and bigger, hearing him say new words and discovering new places. I’m especially looking forward to tying the knot with my lovely bearded Scotsman! Hopefully 2012 will be full of even more firsts.

Happy New Year  xxx

Thinking cozy thoughts

There seems to be more than just a “nip in the air” in Edinburgh right now, as I found out yesterday when munchkin’s hands nearly froze solid (he pulls his mittens off with his teeth – that’s my boy!). We felt it the most as we went up on the big wheel overlooking Princes Street. Brrrrrrr.

I’m doing my best to have warm thoughts and although I’m eternally grateful to have central heating keeping the wee man snug, nothing can compare to the crackle and flicker of a real fire. Imagine snuggling up in front of these.

And while we’re getting all snug and warm, why not throw in a bit of sheepskin too?

And if all of the above fail, i’ll just have to knit myself one of these…

Colourful findings in Stockbridge

With a couple of hours free yesterday, I hopped on a bus to Stockbridge, one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. Being able to wander around by myself is a rarity nowdays and I loved every minute of it, looking in all the gift shops and rifling through the charity shops in search of treasure!

One of my favourites shops in Stockbridge is Caoba, a lovely place full of Mexican handicrafts, cards, decorations and even food. Look, see…

Loving the mix of things, especially the wrestling masks! Their ceramics are bold and fun and I love all their minature tiles. It made me think about Mexican inspired interiors and the fun that could be had with all the bright colours and patterns. Feel free to drool over the following….

Chair, as seen here.

You can add this vintage bedspread to your Christmas wish list here!