Let’s brighten up this grey day

On this drab, rainy saturday, I think my life needs a bit of colour and pattern, so here’s what’s brightening up my day…

I would like one of each please!

What a gorgeous print, this would look great on a crisp white wall.

I used to work at an a childrens shoe store in Edinburgh and the See Kai Run shoes were always my favourite. I can just imagine a chubby pair of legs toddling around in these beautiful blue shoes.

It’s better than hanging out your undies.

And finally… who can be gloomy whilst tucking into patterned biccies!


Let them eat CAKE

I’m having inner turmoil over Noah’s first birthday cake. What flavour should I make? If I had my usual healthy eating cap on like I normally do at his mealtimes, I would be cruel and make him a healthy fruit/vegetable-based, sugar free cake. BLURGH, who wants that? It’s verging on child cruelty. If he can’t have a treat on his birthday, when can he? So, what cake to make….

I fell in love with this rainbow cake. However, I think it’s just a bit too much pressure to put myself under and I can only imagine the state of the kitchen after making six different layers…

Then, I thought………carrot cake! Everybody loves this veggie cake (box ticked!). However, it’s not very birthday-ish.

Well, you can’t get any more first-birthday-ish than a great big numero uno┬ácake can you?