Fish, chips and town halls

Earlier this week we visited one of our favourite place in Scotland, Anstruther. The last time we were there, I was ready-to-pop-preggers and hankering after fish and chips. We went without this time (quite unlike us), but did pay a visit to the town hall – a possible venue for the tying of the knot later in the year. We saw, we liked and we booked, yikes.

We also went to see Cellardyke Town Hall, just up from the village. What a gem! The place is part hall, part fishing museum and was crammed full of model boats, flags and other nautical delights. It was lovely and twee, but we felt that we wouldn’t be able to make it our own on the day, without taking away from it’s own charm.


Grey days

Maybe it’s something to do with winter time and wanting to be all enclosed and warm, but lately i’ve been liking the idea of dark grey/black walls. Now, forget goth teenager, i’m thinking of something a bit more sophisticated. Maybe a matte slate grey… a perfect backdrop for bright furnishings. Would you dare? I think we’re gonna stick to teal on our walls for now, but if I lived in a period building with nice high ceilings, I think i’d give it a bash.

Here’s the kind of thing i’m nattering about.

I love the stacking bookshelf on this last one. You can get something similar here.



Love is a laundry line

I believe i’m easily pleased (cue vague grunt from BS). Easily pleased in that one of my goals is to have space to hang out my washing. I know that sounds B.O.R.I.N.G, but how nice to have the outside space and gentle fresh breeze drying your undies, rather than losing half our living room to a clothes horse, steamy windows and clothes smelling like last nights cooking. I would just like a patch of space and a washing line. That is actually quite a big wish for someone living in a city full of tenements. I could hang a line in our car park…. not quite the same.

When I was little we had a line in the garden and even my teddies got hung out to dry.

Although, Munchkin does seem to be on a roll with his chores at the moment and likes to help me hang out the washing. He must have been taking it all in, as he even gives everything a little shake before he hangs it. Oh, and pants on the head is a must.

I suppose I could compromise with a genius pulley maid.

Or maybe i’ll just move to the Med…

(Top picture by Fiona Phillips, bottom picture on Etsy)

Vintage Travel

Saying goodbye to 2011 also meant saying goodbye to my lovely vintage travel calendar. Not being one to let good piccies go to waste, I decided to make use of my favourite month by framing it for the bedroom wall.

If only I had space for the other eleven months… I love the kitsch graphics and bold colours on old travel posters. Check out some of these lovelies.