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I fell in love with this sweet little table while I was out with Noah a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect thing for me to experiment on, with all the geometric pattern ideas i’d been wanting to paint lately. Munchkin was a good sport, as he was made to walk with me, as we strapped the table in to the pushchair and made our way home (another reason I need to pass my test soon).

I started with a coat of primer on the top.DSC_0916Then I drew out my pattern and began to mask some of the lines, ready to get the fun started.DSC_0921DSC_0931DSC_0934DSC_0935Slowly it started coming together and after a week or so of doing a bit every evening, my geometric beauty was finished!DSC_0950DSC_0953DSC_0957I kind of love it. I also, as with everything else, want to keep it. But alas, it is going to it’s new home tonight.


Can’t. Stop. Painting…

I’m a bit make-over-obsessed at the moment and have been painting everything in sight. Remember when I found these beauties? Wanting to brighten up Noah’s room a wee bit, I finally got around to painting and re-covering the ottoman, which is currently being used as his toy/junk box.

ottomanDSC_0890DSC_0893DSC_0901DSC_0897I’d like to say that Munchkin loved it, but his response was simply “No red, mummy, Noah like blooooooo”. Oh well. My next victim was a bargain book shelf I found at the local charity shop. As our walls aren’t strong enough to hold up any shelves, I really wanted something freestanding where I could display my favourite vases, pics and books.


Ercol ideas

I mentioned my cherished Ercol Windsor Chairs in a post last year. Lately, the urge to get them re-covered has been growing and I keep sneaking peaks at (beyond my budget) gorgeous fabrics that I could use. One of the chairs lives in Noah’s room along with the footstool and therefore need to be drool/sludge/tractor-proof. The other, in the living room, needs some serious brightening up.

Here are a few lovely fabrics I found online… (click on image for source)

ercolcover ercolcover1 ercolcover3 ercolcover4 ercolcover5

It doesn’t help that i’m unsure how much fabric I would need. I am in the process experimenting with plain cotton, but it may well be a job for the professionals… My upholstery course is going well, but I don’t think it will quite stretch to this!

Check out these upholstered windsor chairs. LOVE THEM.windsor windsor1c windsor1Any ideas are welcome! x

Sunday morning treasure

Recently, i’ve been trying to just sell, sell, sell, to make space in our overcrowded cupboards. However, during an impromptu visit to the Omni carboot sale yesterday, I couldn’t resist these goodies. Noah had fun putting everything on and participating in some photo bombing.

Check out my treasure…DSC_0816 DSC_0827 DSC_0828DSC_0823

DSC_0821Rather good for SEVEN whole pounds for everything. Zing! x





Patterned projects

My lovely, sad-sack of a dressing table was slowly becoming a permenant fixture, bashed by Noah’s toy hammer, crammed full of phone chargers, make-up and other junk drawer goodies. So, I decided to take the plunge and paint it a couple of weeks ago. I had some left over paints from previous projects and chose a gemetric design for the front of the drawers.

DSC_0069DSC_0745DSC_0746Although I was sad to see it go, it’s now enjoying a new home in a very nice couple’s seaside pad, in the lovely Portobello. It being the first thing I have ever sold, I was more than a little bit excited and went out and found my next project, a mid- century sideboard/dresser, in need of some love and colour. I’m itching to get started.

I’ve got a thing at the moment for gemoetric designs and feel like embracing all kinds of colourful loveliness. Check out these beauties…

geom1geom2geom3geom4(Click on image for source)


My late new year

Ok, so it is just about mid-January and I am only now getting around to do my New Year post. Oh dear. I blame it on the post-festive, lethargic bubble I have only recently climbed out of.

I wanted to share some of my favourite things from the past year…

1.Taking a few trips. Some alone, some with friends and some full of tantrums. We exploresd The Isle of Mull, Tighnabruaich, Durham and Amsterdam.IMG_0494IMG_0531IMG_0190IMG_0860

2. Having that colourful, fun day in late September where we said “I do!” and ate quite a lot of cake. 394JenScottLowRes

3. Noah finally mastering the art of jumping!IMG_0748

4. Realising he was a bit of a weirdo…


5. A second birthday, pumpkins and new recipes.


6. Dragging Munchkin out to explore his city!IMG_0592IMG_0597IMG_0348

7. Being lucky enough to have a design used for this exciting project.limoceramics-1_baja

8. Being lucky enough to have this lovely man with me. IMG_0070

9. Spending time with the fam. SAM_1655 SAM_1760 SAM_1768

10. Seeing friends who are nearby and others who are too far away and appreciating how lovely they all are.463JenScottLowRes 665JenScottLowRes 739JenScottLowRes

This year, i’m looking forward to some new adventures, more giggly chats with Munchkin, more high fives with friends, learning upholstery, turning 30 and hopefully not taking Noah on too many white-knuckle car rides when I get round to taking my driving test.


IMG_1166 This time last year, we took our one year old munchkin up on the white knuckle ride that is the big Christmas wheel. We thought we’d scare the hell out of him again this year, so we wrapped up and had a cold, windy jolly looking over our beautiful city. Noah is starting to get the hang of this whole christmas thing and shouts “ho-ho-ho” whenever he catches even a glimpse of tinsel.

Here are some smoochy now and then pics. He appears to be equally unimpressed with my kisses in both. More importantly, how long is his magic 6-9 month jacket going to last?

DSC_0886IMG_1160IMG_1169IMG_1156We stuffed our faces with hot doughnuts and petted our little friend Peter, the plastic polar bear.


Our lovely trying-to-get-in-a-christmassy-mood afternoon was topped off with sneaking into Jenners for a look at their huge, pretty tree.