Ercol ideas

I mentioned my cherished Ercol Windsor Chairs in a post last year. Lately, the urge to get them re-covered has been growing and I keep sneaking peaks at (beyond my budget) gorgeous fabrics that I could use. One of the chairs lives in Noah’s room along with the footstool and therefore need to be drool/sludge/tractor-proof. The other, in the living room, needs some serious brightening up.

Here are a few lovely fabrics I found online… (click on image for source)

ercolcover ercolcover1 ercolcover3 ercolcover4 ercolcover5

It doesn’t help that i’m unsure how much fabric I would need. I am in the process experimenting with plain cotton, but it may well be a job for the professionals… My upholstery course is going well, but I don’t think it will quite stretch to this!

Check out these upholstered windsor chairs. LOVE THEM.windsor windsor1c windsor1Any ideas are welcome! x


Dream dining

It’s hard to have a romantic, relaxing dinner when your scalding plate is perched on your lap, you’re sitting on the tv remote and trying not to spill anything on the cushions. Nope, this does not make for a relaxing dining experience. We have a breakfast bar, but unless one of us is in the mood to get up close and personal with the kitchen bin, we generally don’t bother.

I’d love to have space to dedicate to my favourite thing – eating. When Noah is a bit bigger we can all sit together at meals. I’d like it to be colourful, fun and a bit of a mishmash. Here are some lovely places where i’d like to tuck into my din dins…

Liking the reclaimed table and chocolate covered child.

Ooh, and wouldn’t it be lovely to have a beautiful Ercol dining table like one of these.

Anyhow, there will be no scalded knees this Christmas, as we will be parking our bums around a proper dining table at my in-laws. I hope you have a lovely Christmas xxx

I heart Ercol

I’m having a love affair with Ercol. It’s a rather one-sided affair, as I don’t think our pocket money or lounge space will ever stretch, but I can admire from afar. For now…

It’s the simplicity and softness of the designs that do it for me. I’m not one for anything too angular, so the subtle curves on their retro pieces just make me SMILE! Here are some of my favourite pieces.

What i’m most interested in are the armchairs, as I have a little mystery i’d like to solve. Whilst I was having a moment of Ercol envy and eyeing up a cleverly upcycled Ercol armchair, I suddenly realised that the chair in question was almost identical to the salvaged armchairs I have in the living room and bedroom. Could it be that my love affair HAS actually blossomed for real and that I do in fact posess some Ercol loveliness?? Take a look and see what you think.

Without the Ercol stamp or model number anywhere on my armchairs or foot stool, i’m a bit stumped, but I do think that the chair upcycled by Sarah-Jayne Guest is almost identical to mine, even down to the tapered legs. I’d love it if anyone could shed some light on my Ercol mystery!?