Ercol ideas

I mentioned my cherished Ercol Windsor Chairs in a post last year. Lately, the urge to get them re-covered has been growing and I keep sneaking peaks at (beyond my budget) gorgeous fabrics that I could use. One of the chairs lives in Noah’s room along with the footstool and therefore need to be drool/sludge/tractor-proof. The other, in the living room, needs some serious brightening up.

Here are a few lovely fabrics I found online… (click on image for source)

ercolcover ercolcover1 ercolcover3 ercolcover4 ercolcover5

It doesn’t help that i’m unsure how much fabric I would need. I am in the process experimenting with plain cotton, but it may well be a job for the professionals… My upholstery course is going well, but I don’t think it will quite stretch to this!

Check out these upholstered windsor chairs. LOVE THEM.windsor windsor1c windsor1Any ideas are welcome! x


Colourful days

I have finally got my hands on a working sewing machine and after a quick tutorial from Scott’s granny I am up and running with our wedding bunting. It means I can at last put to use the hundreds of fabric triangles I sat there cutting on those nights when BS has worked late. I love the fact that her old machine has made clothes for her 5 children and also many wedding outfits for herself. I like that it will have a part in our wedding too.

So, the place is scattered with fabric, but it means there has been a lot of colour around lately – my favourite! Here are a few more things that have been brightening up my days…

This last one is what happens when I tell Noah to smile. Bit scary, but he’s getting the hang of it.